Upkar General English Grammar Book Pdf Download

Upkar General English Grammar Book Pdf Download

Upkar General English Grammar Book Pdf Download

Dear readers in this post "Upkar General English Grammar Book Pdf Download" we are sharing an important English grammar book. The Upkar General English Grammar by Ramphal Nain pdf is useful for Hindi medium students to crack competitive exams. It is very short, to the point book on grammar. Nicely written and covers a lot of important topics. It's really nice English grammar book both for competitive exam and general uses. Helpful book for learning grammar. The best of this book is explained in Hindi where required. So download General English Grammar by Ramphal Nain pdf. from given link below:

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Book Detail

Book NameUpkar's General English Grammar
QualityExcellent, High Quality with Low Size
FormateBook PDF
Size5.11 MB
AuthorRamphal Nain
Pages463 Pages

About Upkar General English Grammar Book Pdf

There is an extensive treatment of each topic with a variety of questions covering all units of grammar including sentences, tenses, articles, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, subject-verb-agreement, non-finites, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, narrations, voices, question tags, punctuation, word confusion, clauses, syntheses and transformation of sentences.

This ebook attempts to systematically introduce concepts, define them and then give detailed guidelines for using the main rules of that concept. Each rule is followed by examples depicting its usage. Emphasis has also been placed on explaining troublesome grammatical aspects and on showing how to avoid typical mistakes with a certain usage.

The exercises for practice are adequate, simple, varied, well selected and carefully graded. The language used in this book is simple and idiomatic. Hindi equivalents of grammatical terms have been given to facilitate the study of English grammar by comparison and contrast. The style of the book is almost accessible to the students of all I. Q.’s. The new terms and concepts, however, have been explained wherever necessary so as to acquaint the reader with the emerging trends in the study of grammar.

General English Grammar is the result of my hardworking, which lasted for more than five years. I have consulted several encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books in the preparation of this grammar. I hereby acknowledge my indebtedness to all of them.

Contents of Upkar General English Grammar Book

Chapter 1. Basic Concept
Chapter 2. Pronunciation
Chapter 3. The Sentence
Chapter 4. Subject and Predicate
Chapter 5. The Phrase and the Clause
Chapter 6. Parts of Speech
Chapter 7. The Tense
Chapter 7.1. Present Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.2. Present Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.3. Present Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.5. Past Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.6. Past Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.7. Past Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.9. Future Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.10. Future Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.11. Future Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 8. The Sequences of Tenses
Chapter 9. Articles
Chapter 10. Adjectives
Chapter 11. Adverbs
Chapter 12. Verbs
Chapter 13. Modals
Chapter 14. Phrasal Verbs
Chapter 15. Non-Finites
Chapter 16. The Participle
Chapter 17. The Gerund
Chapter 18. Question Tags
Chapter 19. Syntax : Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 20. Interjections
Chapter 21. The Noun
Chapter 22. The Pronoun
Chapter 23. Prepositions  
Chapter 24. Conjunctions 
Chapter 25. Determiners  
Chapter 26. Direct and Indirect Speech  
Chapter 27. Active and Passive Voices  
Chapter 28. Punctuation and Capital Letters 
Chapter 29. Words Which Commonly Confuse 
Chapter 30. Synonyms and Antonyms 
Chapter 31. More About Clauses 
Chapter 32. Synthesis of Sentences 
Chapter 33. Transformation of Sentences 
Chapter 34. Use of Verb ‘Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had, Do, Does, Did’ 
Chapter 35. Use of It and There  
Chapter 36. Daily Use Sentences  
Chapter 37. Proverbs  

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